Tianma Consulting


Tianma Consulting is one of the leading international consultancies, specialized in the digital transfromation.



We combine digital and transformation expertise to develop and implement innovative process management and concepts for enterprises at large.
We focus onthe potential of data-driven approaches to master complexity, increase efficiency and realize new operating and business models.
With our work, we help enterprises to contribute to a livable and future-proof world.



4.0 Competence

Accomplishing more together



Accomplishing more together – this simple formula has accompanied us from the very beginning. Many situations have shown that collaboration is not only faster, but also more rewarding and improves quality.
The ubiquitous 4.0 discussion calls for new business development strategies. Our answer is Tianma Consulting. We provide the best solutions for our customers to optimize processes and quality requirements and achieve strategic business goals.
Tianma Consulting –  is expert consultant for the digital transformation of companies, providing support for the digitization of corporate practices.
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Human Centred AI



Tianma Consulting was speaker at the AI Developer Conference AIDC in Hangzhou.
We presented our human centered AI EdTech sollution for corporate smart industry training.



Emerging Technologies



Tianma Consulting gave a speech on AI ethics and discussed innovation and the management of kinetic energy innovation with international AI and digital transformation experts.



Technology Development



At the Technology Summit, we provided an outlook on the future of work in smart factories.


Logistic Management



An exclusive interview with Europe’s largest inland port about the future of logistics, trade and smart ports. 


M&A Deals



An exclusive interview with insider information about cross border M&A deals.


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